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How It Works

5 Steps to A Lifetime of Results

Step 1: Consult

The first step to long lasting results is to understand YOU, your goals, and your current situation. That's why all of our programs start with a 1-on-1 meeting with you and one of our Strength Docs that will be working with you

Step 2: Assess

Most fitness programs are ineffective, or lead to injury or burnout, because they are created without any individualization to you and your training background. That's why before we give you. an exercise program, we take you through a custom assessment process to identify the best program for you and your goals

Step 3: Training

Once your assessment is completed, we design a customized program that you can follow on your own or under the watchful eye of our Strength Docs to make sure you're getting the most out of each exercise and each workout

Step 4: Lifestyle

An hour or two each week working with us is a great start - but what's happening in the other hours you're not in the gym? Getting the most out of these 'non-gym' hours is your key to long lasting results, which is why we provide a members only portal and members only workshops to optimize your nutrition, stress, sleep, and mindset.

Step 5: Results

Whether you work with us for a few months or a for a few years - we can't stand programs that deliver quick fixes but never deliver long-lasting results. That is why education and lifestyle are so important to us. Once you learn the knowledge, and strategies that work best for you and your health - that can never be taken away from you and is a skill you will have for a lifetime. 

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